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We are the Street Orchestra, a group formed by four young residents of Mangueira, Providencia and Morro do Macaco slums in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Currently its members are regularly enrolled in music courses at the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO) - The group's goal is to play for the democratization of classical music since slum dwellers generally do not have access to repertoire and classical instruments. The group seeks to rescue the musical tradition of the peripheries under an innovative approach. Thus, the traditional dialogues, in a harmonic way, with the classical and the popular based on coherent and current arrangements.

The show of the Street Orchestra is characterized by relaxation, interaction and especially the appreciation of Brazilian black art. The repertoire privileges different rhythms, namely: samba, funk, xote, maxixe, baião, jongo, tango, pop rock and erudite. The shows are held in the streets, public transportation, hospitals, public schools, asylums, as well as in private events (weddings, business parties, birthdays, dinners and TV programs). In addition, the orchestra in partnership with Casa Amarela voluntarily teaches children and young people from Morro da Providencia to play instruments.


The concert of the Street Orchestra has a minimum duration of 60 minutes (but it should be noted that depending on the demand the duration may be modified), in which are played around 16 songs among those listed below:

1. Asa Branca - Luiz Gonzaga

2. As rosas não falam - Cartola

3. Brasileirinho - Waldir Azevedo

4. Bella Ciao - canção popular italiana

5. Bachianas n° 4, Prelúdio - Villa Lobos

6. Carinhoso - Pixinguinha

7. Canon - Johan Pachelbel

8. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - Mozart

9. Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles

10. Feira de Mangaio - Sivuca

11.Folhas Secas - Nelson Cavaquinho

12. Libertando - Astor Piazzola

13. La vie en rose - Édith Piaf

14. Luz negra - Nelson Cavaquinho

15. Por una cabeza - Carlos Gardel

16. Rap da Felicidade - Cidinho e Doca

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